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Membership recruitment

•  Friend of Produce Green Foundation

We promote organic farming, alternative energy and greener lifestyles. So that they become part of a sustainable culture of humankind, enabling us to live in harmony with the natural environment. We invite you to join our family.

Membership Categories

•  Individual / overseas member ( annual donation of $ 200 or above )
•  Groups member ( annual donation of $ 500 or above )
•  Student member ( annual donation of $ 50 or above )
•  Permanent individual member ( one-off donation of $ 2000 or above )
•  Permanent group member ( one-off donation of $ 5000 or above )


(1) Activities
•  free farm visits on Sundays Student, individual and group members will receives 3, 10 and 30 free
•  farm visit coupons respectively.
•  participate in rice seeding transplanting and harvesting free of charge.
(2) Free publication
•  all members will receive free copies of our quarterly magazine “Scarecrow”.
(3) Discount
•  20 ﹪ off for all products and publications in our farm ( excluding those goods not produced by our farm )
•  20 ﹪ off for all activities organized by our farm ( excluding those with discount and weekday rates )
•  discount in a number of shops.

2. Animal adoption member

Have you thought of becoming the owner of chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits, cattle and goats ? You can do so through our animal adoption scheme.

Adoption donation

Animals available for adoption include chicken, ducks, geese, rabbits, cats, cattle and goats. The adoption fee donation is $ 100 per quarter for each animals.
•  There is no limit on the no. of owners for each animal
Our farm will take care each animal. If the adopted animal got lost or died due to various reasons, the donation will be transference to any animal but not refundable.


•  Each owner will receive an adoption certification a photo and information pack of the adopted animal.
Owners are allowed to visit their adopted animals at any time during our office hour. Please give as a call three days before your visit.
•  Owners can take other visitors along with them during these visits.
•  Apart from free farm visit coupons, owners can enjoy all other member privileges.
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